Event Décor

Can you just imagine how wonderful it must be to walk through the store rooms where all event décor is displayed and sold? Better than any store I’ve been in, I can tell you that.

There are various sorts of themed decor. For example, an Arabian night themed 21st birthday event would have décor items such as huge sitting cushions, bright and colorful organza, silver under plates, candles, and hired real live camels. A casino themed 50th birthday event’s example for decor would be an archway of balloons at the entrance, a red carpet leading into the venue, round tables with black tablecloths and poker chips, fake slot machines and roulette tables. Just to name a few.

Event decor can be very luxurious. Victorian style events are usually very pricy, but unbelievably exquisite when done correctly and guests dress up accordingly. Majestic chandeliers hanging from the ceilings with red roses dangling from their metal arms. Tall vases with thick flower arrangements on top made of white roses and willow sticks. Heavy, dreamy draping, draped everywhere with the smallest fairy lights set behind each layer of draping.

Then there is decor for your every year events. Christmas is one of them. Oh the joyful décor that is used for this event will always, without fail, give you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Santa’s displayed everywhere, fake snow sprayed all around. Reindeer, elves, beautifully colorful wrapped presents, candy canes and mistletoe hanging in all the door ways, toy crackers on everyone’s plates with Christmas themed serviettes. Hanging stockings, filled with little gifts and candy. Candles to set that warm feeling and tinsel hung all around the walls. And the most beautiful Christmas event décor item, the mighty Christmas tree.

One of the most beautiful events will be a christening and a baby shower. The decor for this event is always so soft and beautiful. Angels, crosses, heart shape ornaments to hang from the trees at the entrance of the event. Baby animals, birds and cute insects, like lady bugs. Balloons in soft baby colors and banners can be placed above the cake table. The cake table can be covered in baby bottle confetti. Baby showers always have fun games for the mommy-to-be and the games themselves are awesome decor.

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