The Celebs of Online Lottery

With the money that celebs earn I often wonder when playing Giant’s US Powerball Games, what would it be like to instantly enter celebrity stardom and suddenly have immediate access to incredible celeb sums of cash. Would I be prudent and invest wisely or would we put on the cowboy boots and let it rip… Continue reading The Celebs of Online Lottery

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How To Play The Lottery

The lotto lottery is a game that involves choosing a series of numbers as a way to predict which six numbers will be drawn that week or that evening. There are many variations on the lotto lottery system but all of them work in the same fashion, based on predicting numbers, submitting those predictions and… Continue reading How To Play The Lottery

The Lottery Results

The lottery results are aired on Etv every Saturday and Wednesday nights in South Africa. The lottery results of the winners is usually broadcasted about two hours after the draw. During these lottery results you can see how many winners there were in different sections depending on whether it was the lotto or lotto plus… Continue reading The Lottery Results

What Is The Lottery?

What is the-lottery? The-lottery is a gambling game which became available to South African’s in 2000. It is a game of chance that cannot be cheated on in any way. It is classified as a gambling game because you bet on six numbers between one and forty nine and place money on the numbers selected.… Continue reading What Is The Lottery?