DA wants Mbalula to explain London trip

The DA is on Sport Minister Fikile Mbalula’s case about the cost of his department’s recent trip to London.MP Winston Rabotapi read out a statement stating that the DA was very urgently seeking an explanation especially regarding the bill Julius Malemaracked up while staying in one of London’s most prestigious hotels, the Corinthia. The DA’s… Continue reading DA wants Mbalula to explain London trip

Dad Wins Fake Lottery

Just when you think that you won millions, someone comes and tells you that the lottery ticket is fake, now imagine how much that would suck. Picture it happening to you, i think i would freak. www.luckynumbers.co.za

Fake Lottery Ticket Reaction

What a cruel prank to play on someone, but still the funniest thing ever seeing the reaction of this mother when she thought that she had won the lottery Lucky Numbers

Hair That Gets You What You Want

Women are famous for changing their hair – some women are even solidified in pop culture for the impact their hair had. Who can forget Marilyn Monroe’s bouncy platinum curls, Meg Ryan’s chic short style or Jennifer Aniston’s famous “Rachel” hairstyle? Anthropologists suggest that a woman’s hair can make her feel sexier, more confident and… Continue reading Hair That Gets You What You Want